Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Two days out from Nanowrimo and I'm still procrastinating - like a Sagittarian with a Gemini rising under a full moon - hang on - so that's it! No wonder I'm racing around chasing my tail - a slow moving larger target at that - and never catching it. This, of course, doesn't excuse or explain my previous procrastination, but I can use it for now.

I've always felt I work better under pressure so I'm relying on that to kick in. Bugger the preparation, it will be head down and bum up on Thursday morning and the long write will begin - or not!

But this post isn't about my shortcomings. It's about finding Nanowrimo buddies in this neck of the woods (Melton to Stawell to St Arnaud to Skipton and all places in between) to arrange a couple of sessions to fuel the creative fires, massage the fingers and mine the word wizard when and if required. So far I've found one Terry L Probert, but others prove more elusive. This could be because I don't know their username, nor they mine, which is Mergwen - don't ask! So anyone participating in this years Nanowrimo who would like an extra buddy, whether in the ether or in person, please call in to Nanowrimo and link up.



  1. Give yourself a big tick just do it.Yes i said tick.

  2. I'd love to link up with you for NanoWrimo 2012, just don't know how to do it! I'm searching away on the website at the moment trying to work out how to link up with buddies. My username is Chrismackauthor.


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