Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Risk 2 Draft #1

Anime sun with smiling face

With less than a week to go before the next Dread Poet's meeting, it's probably opportune to set aside other projects and procrastinations and work on my poetry for the theme 'risk'. I'm not thrilled with my first effort (see previous posts), have written a couple I am happy with but don't want to publish here as I intend submitting them for publication so - it's back to the drawing board - or the blank page in this instance.

I've had an idea running around in my mind for the past few days about my grandfather that I'd like to poeticise. He was an old man when I was born so my memories of him are few, however, the ones I do have remain strong and it is one of these I'd like to write about.

my grandfather lay on the couch
a benign Mr Toad after a full lunch
hands supporting his round belly

I stand, face frozen in a smile
(he calls me his smiley),
that becomes painful to hold
yet I am fearful of it slipping
fearful of him
forgetting me
without its reminder

he recites Wordsworth
in the burr of his mother country
I fall into the thrall of his words

I sing, you are my sunshine
(too young to know I can't carry a tune)
his moustache bristles into a smile,
his eyes laugh
and my smile relaxes 
into its rightful place

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