Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Monkey on my back

This blog has become the monkey on my back of late. As I juggle too many tasks at the one time something has to give, I suppose, and in this instance it has been my blog. 

I've been busy formatting SETH for release as a Kindle version on Amazon, while at the same time continuing my research into the Holmyard Family and reformatting The Hidden Risks for E publishing. Sounds like multi-tasking, but it is really poor organisation on my part. I plan and prioritise yet somehow I find myself slipping back to other tasks when the going gets tough - or when I just need a break from the job at hand.

Tomorrow sees the release of SETH, so today I'll post the final draft for the monkey on my back theme for the poetry group I attend to complete this topic


I don’t have a monkey on my back
I have a whole troop,
Taking turns
To jabber in my ear
With simian sibilance


They are the gatekeepers
To my inner peace
Grim predictions
On sleepless nights
Whistled in the dark;
The burden of weight

I carry

In this jungle of life.

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  1. Good Luck with the release. Will check Kindle tomorrow for it.


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